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Patricia Piffath

Patricia Piffath

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Patricia Piffath grew up on the northern shores of Long Island, New York. From the time she was ten, she has been wielding a paint brush. Although she did briefly study art in college, her talent is mostly self taught. Much of her insight into different media has been obtained by reading and studying other artists and their individual styles and techniques. Her specialties include, acrylics on canvas, mixed media, greeting cards, painted napkins and fabrics, and freestyle mosaics.

After spending many years working in the hospitality business she met the love of her life and together they spent the next few years sailing the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean from the Bahamas to South America. It was during this "trip of a lifetime," that she became truly inspired to paint the tropical scenes that surrounded her. Upon her return home, she began working at an elementary school, where the inspiration for her children's portraits bubbled to the surface. She loves to paint children at play, particularly with the ocean and beach as a background.

Her most recent endeavor has been papiermache animals, which she creates from recycled materials and decorates with whimsical feathers and jewelry. You may find other works available in her Etsy shop, OceanAuthentics.

Many of her works have been exhibited in local juried art shows and hang in private collections in Europe, the United States and the Caribbean. At the present time she works out of her seaside home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

All artwork copyright Patricia Piffath


snowman by Patricia Piffath


Lobster by Patricia Piffath


holiday penguins by Patricia Piffath


Crowing by Patricia Piffath


Christmas Penguins by Patricia Piffath


Christmas memories by Patricia Piffath


Benjamin bunny by Patricia Piffath


Run for your life by Patricia Piffath


Fort Lauderdale rainbow by Patricia Piffath


Fort Lauderdale sunset by Patricia Piffath


Red rooster by Patricia Piffath


Up close lobster by Patricia Piffath


Shell of former self by Patricia Piffath


Pepitoe by Patricia Piffath


Momma's boy by Patricia Piffath


Fort Lauderdale Moonight by Patricia Piffath